“Words From Alice”

Alice Cooper Thinks Male Rock Stars Have Become Introverted. He goes on to say that he thinks that today’s male singers have been too introverted when it comes to their live performances. “Isn’t it interesting that the girls are the ones doing all the big productions?”  “Lady Gaga does an amazing production, and she really knows what she’s doing up there,  same goes with Shakira and the same with Rihanna. It’s amazing that the girls are taking over the big productions and the guys have become very introverted. I don’t quite understand why a young rock band would be introverted rather than, “I’m a rock star. Let me loose! Get me up there and let me rock that place!” I see young rock bands being introverted; they don’t want to be rock stars, almost. They’re anti-rock star. Cooper went onto to praise Bruno Mars calling him the most versatile performer that he has ever seen, even more so than Michael Jackson. WOW! I think he’s right you don’t see any of the excitement anymore. Here and there you will but not like it used to be. Thanks Uncle Alice 🙂


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