Why is Nancy over-scheduling herself like a crazy lady?

Like many of you, I’m VERY busy. I actually like to stay busy, so if I have openings in my calendar, I usually schedule something. For example, here is a typical Wednesday for me ..

Nancy’s Wednesday Schedule

4:15 am: Wake up for work (I did press snooze once) 🙂
5:30 am: Morning Drive with John & Nancy gets underway
9:00 am: Leave the studio, head down to the hall to my other office and work in social media marketing
12:00 pm : Teach (or take) a Bodypump class
1:00 pm: Drive home
1:30 pm: Check work emails and finish up work from home
2:30 pm: Walk dogs/Fold a load of laundry/Start a load of laundry/Sit down for 10 minutes
3:00 pm: Pick up my son from school
3:30 pm: Take my son to a golf lesson
5:00 pm: Take a short run
5:30 pm: Go to volleyball practice (I coach)
8:30 pm: Arrive home from volleyball practice, have a glass of wine and sit on the couch with my husband
8:50 pm: Shower and go to bed

I really don’t know WHY I over schedule myself because when I do get a little down time .. I LOVE IT! Today is one of those days. After I finish work about 1:00 pm, I don’t have to be anywhere. I have nothing scheduled and can spend the afternoon on the couch, if that is what I want. And I’m not alone with the over-scheduling. A new survey found that the average person only get 43 minutes of “me time” a day. That’s about five hours a week. Some of the things getting in the way of “me time” include … too much noise, work, stressing out over the news, my significant other, and my kids.

If I did have more time to myself, I suppose I’d read more, see a few more movies or watch Chicago Cubs baseball. What about you? Do you need more time on the couch to watch baseball? If not, what would you do? 



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