“Where were you when you heard?”

My friends we have come upon another Anniversary for 911 which happend 17 years ago today. Do you happen to remember where or what you were doing when you first heard the news? I myself was working in Morning Radio for a Top 40 station for another company at the time and a co-worker stormed into my studio and said “Hey Stech I just saw on the TV, which was in our news room that a plane just hit the World Trade Center.” From that moment on the World had changed for the worse.  A new poll recently asked people if it should be a Federal holiday.

Here are the results . . .

1. 38% say it SHOULD become a federal holiday.

2. 42% say it shouldn’t.

3. And the other 20% aren’t sure.

By the way, there is a name for this day. Every year since it’s happened, the president has named September 11th as “Patriot Day.”
But it’s not a Federal holiday, which means schools, banks, and the government are still open . . . and people aren’t getting an official day off of work. If they do go forth with 911 being a Federal holiday I hope it becomes a day for education for new generations to come and to move forward to help celebrate the lives that were lost on that tragic day. Please continue to pray for those who lost loved ones on this special day.

Thank You,




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