I Have Way Too Many Grilling Things

So we had a warm last night and I took the opportunity to attend to my outdoor grills.  I brought my electric grill inside (which I should have done a couple of months ago but it was covered and protected so I wasn’t too worried) and I covered both my gas and charcoal grills for the winter.  But it reminded me of the pan that’s become one of my favorite wintertime substitutes.  It’s a grill pan.

You can get them in non-stick and cast iron.  I’m a big fan of cast iron cooking, but this one is non-stick and cooks a great steak.  When you get a feel for the correct temperature for the right cut and thickness of the cut you can get great grill marks and a similar taste.  It’s not as good as a real grilled steak over charcoal, but if you just want to remain warm in the winter and cook in your kitchen I’d suggest looking for a pan with ridges that looks like this.

Just about to pan grill a beautiful Omaha Steaks ribeye. I’ll take a pic if I can refrain from eating it before I have the chance.




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