Watching TV On Vacation?

How Much Time Do You Spend Watching TV on a Vacation?

There’s nothing quite like being on a vacation, with a world-class beach or legendary city just outside your door . . . and just lying around in your hotel room watching TV.  It’s like, “Who cares about YOU, Waikiki?  “The Talk” is on.” According to a new survey, the average American spends seven hours and 42 minutes watching TV during a one-week vacation . . . or more than an hour a day. We also nap for five hours and 12 minutes on vacation . . . and have six hours of, quote, “romantic time.” I wonder how they come up with this stuff? Hey … Mom or Dad who’s the person in our hotel room taking notes? . . . .  🙂 Any who I’m ready for some vacation time!!! I’ll start with a “mini one”. Let the weekend begin. Have a great one my friends.




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