The total of THIS is 399. What is THIS?

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March 11, 2019

Q: The total of THIS is 399. What is THIS?
A: The highest scoring game in college basketball history. It was the game between Troy State and DeVry University of Atlanta in 1992. Troy won, 258 to 141.



QI: The answer is 54. What is the question? (We’re playing the Jeopardy version of QI) A third of us do THIS at work every day. What is it? According to a study, the amount of people doing THIS is down 20% from last year. What is it? QI: The average lifespan of THIS is 18 months. What is THIS? QI: In the early 1900’s .. THIS cost 96 cents. What is THIS? QI: This was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame between 200-2005. What is it?