Brady House Gets The Perfect Buyer?

Anthony Barcelo/Ernie Carswell & Partners via AP, File

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

The Brady Bunch house has a new owner…HGTV.

The iconic house was up for sale and coveted by Lance Bass (of N’SYNC).  But at the last minute, he was outbid by the home renovation channel for the house.

HGTV plans to bring the house back to it’s 70’s glory as the exterior of the Brady household.  The interior of the real house looks nothing like the depiction on the show.

I grew up watching how “real life” problems (new glasses, mistaken engravings on silver platters, someone elses cigarettes ending up in your pocket etc.) can all be solved in 30 minutes.  My kids even watched them all on DVD

That saved me some parenting along the way.





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