Stech: “They’re Back!”

I’m in Heaven once again with these sandwiches! I grew up with these in my Grade School days and when they first came out from McDonalds. Yep the famous McRib Sandwich is back for a limited time. So when I heard I had to beat feet to get one. Every year it’s either the “Shamrock Shake” or the “McRib” for me. So as I headed out for dinner all I wanted was a McRib sandwich meal. So the first, yes I said first McDonalds I went to (cause I’m on a mission here ya know) I came to was in East Peoria. As I pulled up to the drive thru I see a small sign next to the order speaker saying: “Sorry but we are all sold out of our McRibs”. NOOOOOOOO! I was so bummed! So I had to settle for something else . . . . So I ordered something and went on my way and then I see another “Golden Arches” down the road on the other side of town. I just had to try so I pulled up and asked the nice lady at the window, “hey by chance you still have the McRib available?” She said yes and I grabbed two! 🙂 Hey when your on a mission you gotta get it done. I was a happy camper you could say. So for those that love the McRib sandwich ya better get out there and get one because they mean it when they say “For A Limited Time” 🙂




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