Stech: “An Aged King”

To many he is still known as the “King of Rock n Roll”! Elvis Aaron Presley (born January 8th, 1935 – died on August 16th, 1977) was an American singer, musician, and actor. An icon to many who still adore him to this day. Elvis began his music career in 1954, recording at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips. My parents grew up in the 60’s and I remember record albums being played in our home growing up. Even my grandmother had Elvis her home on playing Gospal music. It’s really sad if you look back on it to see such a talented man gone at a young age. Kinda makes you think what would it be like today if he was still around? To many great musicians are gone at a young age and so talented. Well if you get the chance dig out some Elvis this week or pop in an old movie. He’s a Legend that will never die. Elvis Presley would have turned 83 today. May he R.I.P.




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