SNL: Party Time! Excellent!

Waynes World basement - Rick Hirschmann

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the weekend in Chicago for a change of scenery.

The main reason was to see Hamilton – which was fantastic – but the rest of the time, we had no real agenda.

It was ridiculously cold, so most everything we did was within a 4 block radius.  Shopping, a few pubs (more on that later), dinner, and the SNL Experience!

Since I’ve watched SNL from the first season, this was a real treat.  The exhibit takes you from the creation of the show, through the writers room, the daily process of bringing the show to air, all the way to a mock stage with Tina Fey as “host”.

There are tons of artifacts and costumes on display, which I’m told are original and have been ordered back to New York on a moments notice.  There are also classic videos being shown throughout the exhibit.

Well worth a stop next time you’re in the city…just check with Groupon first to see if discount tickets are available!



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