Rick: Temporary Mood Swing

Well, that was weird.

I went to the Foo Fighters show in Champaign a few days ago, and was standing amongst the throngs of people waiting for a rock show to start.

Everyone was in a great mood.  A few with beers in hand talking, texting, taking selfies and simply counting down the minutes til showtime.  Of course the obligatory soundtrack was playing to help everyone get in the mood…lots of classics.

Until a Tom Petty song played.

I swear there was an audible group sigh.  A momentary deflation if you will.  After all, it was just 6 months ago that Tom and the Heartbreakers played this very stage and it was a glorious night.

Little did we know.

Thankfully, everyone’s mood picked up as the song went along and suddenly, the mood lifted again.  Music has a great way of doing that.

Oh, and the Foo Fighters were pretty great too.



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