Rick: Hallway Eavesdropping

Not really.

I don’t consider it eavesdropping when you are minding your own business, in your own office and someone blurts out a bizarre statement loud enough to invade your personal space.

We’ve all been there. You come in on a conversation and out of context, random response suddenly makes no sense.  I often times credit these lines to mythical album titles.  Try it, it’s usually pretty entertaining.

Today I was glazed in from of my computer and someone said “It IS a kick-ass ceiling fan!”

OK, now my attention is piqued.  Mostly because I’m not a big proponent of ceiling fans.  I don’t fault anyone for having them…just not my thing. Besides, how could one truly be “kick-ass”?

Well, I got to see the ceiling fan in question, and I do say, if you’re gonna have a ceiling fan…this one is pretty cool.



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