Stay Out Of My Cereal!

Mmmmm, pumpkin spice!  Whatever.

I don’t get why everyone goes crazy for Pumpkin spice.  Coffee and some sort of pumpkin bar cake seems appropriate.  Everything else is overkill.

There is pumpkin spice syrup, tea, pretzels, smoothies, candy, cookies, protein powder, ice cream, dog treats, sprays, yogurt, cream cheese, pudding, granola, applesauce, juices, donuts, truffles, chips, butter, rum drinks, marshmallows, almonds, bread, milk, popcorn, cupcakes, Peeps, moonshine, Pop-Tarts and salsa.

I know I didn’t get everything because now it’s in my cereal bowl.

I’m really looking forward to a lengthy Christmas season just so all the pumpkin spice stuff goes away…at least to the dollar store.



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