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Question Impossible Archive

Many of you have asked for past Question Impossible answers, so we will post a few months worth of questions. Enjoy!

January 23, 2019
Q: What do oysters, almonds and kiwi have in common?
A: They are foods that can fight off a cold

January 22, 2019
Q: It’s a little surprising but a new survey finds that 38% of people do THIS on a regular basis. What is THIS?
A: They regularly talk to their cars

January 21, 2019
Q: In the history of the world, there have only been 15 of these. What are they?
A:  Only 15 skyscrapers have ever held the title of “world’s tallest building.”

January 18, 2019
Q: This is true for nearly 80% of football fans. What is it?
A: They have rooted for the same team since birth

January 17, 2019
Q: This is true for 2% of people at your office. What is it?
A: They hate you and everyone else at work

January 16, 2019
Q: The movies “The Sound of Music,” “Patton,” and “Mash” all have THIS in common. What is it?
A: They were the first three movies released on VHS in America

January 15, 2018
We’re doing things backwards today and playing the Jeopardy version of QI
A: Today’s QI answer is “shower radio.” What is the question?
Q: What is .. the first product ever sold on QVC?  (QVC went on the air in 1986 and the shower radio the first product sold for $11.49.  They did $7,400 in sales.)

January 14, 2018
Q: In the history of film, this has only happened twice. What is it?
A: A silent film won an Oscar for Best Picture

January 11, 2019
Q: This originated in Hawaii. What is THIS?
A: The trend of Casual Fridays

January 10, 2018
Q: When it comes to romance, this is true for 30% of us. What is it?
A: We’ve become romantically involved with a roommate.

January 9, 2019
Q: There are only two of these in the world. What are they?
A: Two northern white rhinos

January 8, 2018
Q: The world record for THIS is 90 years. What is THIS?
A: Marriage

January 7, 2018
Q: The youngest person to ever do THIS was 9-years old. What did this person do?
A: Bowl a perfect game. (She rolled a 300 in 2013)

January 4, 2019
Q: It takes almost 2 days for THIS to happen. What is THIS?
A: For a Lego, that you’ve swallowed, to pass through your system

January 3, 2019
Q: If you laid these end to end, they would wrap around the earth 50 times.
A: The amount of pepperoni Americans eat in one year

January 2, 2019
Q: In 2006, sales of this product increased by 600%. What is it?
A: Pencils

December 24, 2018
Q: For the majority of us .. this won’t happen around the holidays. What is it?
A: A bonus

December 21, 2018
Q: A third of all Americans cannot do THIS. What is it
A: Name all four of their grandparents

December 20, 2018
Q: This happened to the average American 106 times over the past year. What is it?
A: They had a “perfect” night sleep

December 19, 2018
Q: It takes almost 300 Christmas lights to accomplish THIS. What is THIS?
A: It’s how many lights are needed to be seen from space

December 18, 2018
Q: 5% of people are doing THIS right now. What is THIS?
A: Shopping for Christmas for NEXT year

December 17, 2018
Q: It takes men and women, on average, six months to do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Determine if someone is marriage material

December 14, 2018
Q: Chicago has more of these than any other city in the U.S. What is it?
A: Breweries

December 13, 2018
Q: Christmas caroling is the #1 outdated holiday tradition, according to a new survey. What is #2 on the list?
A: Building a gingerbread house

December 12, 2018
Q: This has only happened 4 times in the history of the U.S. What is it?
A: There have been four babies born in Disneyland history . . . all girls

December 11, 2018
Q: The most expensive one of these in the country is in New York City. What is it?
A:  Hotel room. (The most expensive hotel room in the U.S. is at the Mark Hotel in New York. The penthouse suite is $75,000-a-night.)

December 10, 2018
Q: 1% of people do THIS during the holidays. What is it?
A: Shop for gifts after Christmas

December 5, 2018
Q: On average, THIS is going to happen to you six times over the next 3 months.
A: Someone will sneeze on you

December 4, 2018
Q: If you’re average, this will happen to you three times this month. What is it?
A: You will be late for work

December 3, 2018
Q: The first time this happened was in May of 2010. What is it?
A: It was the first bitcoin purchase

November 30, 2018
Q: This has only happened once in the history of professional sports. What is it?
A: Only one woman has ever been picked in the NBA draft. Her name is Lusia Harris and the New Orleans Jazz took her in the seventh round in 1977.  But it turned out she was pregnant and she never played in a game.

November 29, 2018
Q: This, on average, takes 32 minutes. What is it?
A: Shopping for a gift for your boss

November 28, 2018
Q: Men were first included in THIS in 1979. What is THIS?
A: Hurricanes didn’t get male names until Hurricane Bob in 1979.  Up to that point, the National Weather Service thought only female names were appropriate because the storms were so crazy and unpredictable . . . supposedly like women.

November 26, 2018
Q: More than 80% of people surveyed say they’ve never had this happen to them around the holidays.
A: Gotten into a political argument around the Thanksgiving table

November 23, 2018
Q: This is true for 33% of us during the month of December. What is it?
A: We experience holiday “burn out”

November 21, 2018
Q: This has happened in America every year since 1943. What is it?
A: At least one American has won a Nobel Prize

November 20, 2018
Q: You burn more than 300 calories a day doing THIS?
A: Thinking

November 19, 2018
Q: The oldest one of these is 98 years old. What is it?
A: A mayor (in a town in Kentucky)

November 16, 2018
Q: This is true for 34 movies in history.
A: They’re based off a video game

November 15, 2018
Q: Only two of these are in use in the world. What are they?
A: Flags that do not use red, white or blue: Jamaica and Mauritania

November 14, 2018
Q: 60% of people surveyed said parenting would be more difficult without THIS? What is THIS?
A: Wet wipes

November 13, 2018
Q: According to a study, this happens more on Sunday than any another other night of the week. What is it?
A: You have a harder time falling asleep

November 12, 2018
Q: It’s a little hard to believe, Americans still spend over $20 million a year on THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pay phones

November 8, 2018
Q: Women are turned off by men who have THIS in their home.
A: Disney paraphernalia

November 7, 2018
Q: According to a recent survey, the #1 habit people wish they could break is smoking. #2 is swearing. What is #3 on the list?
A: Picking their nose

November 6, 2018
Q: This piece of Americana is 4 1/2 feet long. What is it?
A: The Statue of Liberty’s nose

November 5, 2018
Q: It’s kind of surprising .. but there are more than 10 of these in the United States. What are they?
A: Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobiles

November 2, 2018
Q: 2% of people say they will NOT do this over the holidays. What is it?
A: Eat turkey

November 1, 2018
Q: The distance of THIS is 132 miles. What is THIS?
A: The minimum distance for a long distance relationship

October 31, 2018
Q: This was originally made from old coats and ping pong balls.
A: Kermit the Frog

October 30, 2018
Q: 80% of us were not allowed to do this while in high school. What is it?
A: Swear in front of our parents

October 29, 2018
Q: Doing THIS can burn 300 calories. What is it?
A: Watching “The Shining”

October 26, 2018
Q: The 1st one of these appeared in Los Angeles in the 1920’s. What is it?
A: Wrigley Field

October 25, 2018
Q: 5% of people aren’t sure if they have any of these. What are they?
A: Life goals

October 24, 2018
Q: The average person does this 150 times a month. What is it?
A: Frowns

October 23, 2018
Q: 1/3 of people under the age of 24 think THIS should be legal. What is it?
A: Polygamy

October 22, 2018
Q: In a survey, 25% of adults say they’ve never done THIS. What is THIS?
A: Visited their neighbor’s house

October 19, 2018
Q: 3% of people say they only eat THIS when they’re drunk. What is THIS?
A: Nachos

October 18, 2018
Q: There is only one of these in the entire United States. What is it?
A: A state with a one-syllable name. (Maine)

October 17, 2018
Q: The largest one of these in the world is in North Korea. What is it?
A: Stadium 

October 16, 2018
Q: 2% of people say they would give up their cell phone if this were to never happen again. What is it?
A: They’d never have a hangover again

October 15, 2018
Q: There are more of these in China than the United States. What are they?
A: KFC restaurants

October 12, 2018
Q: According to a survey, THIS guarantees there won’t be a second date.
A: If you have bad spelling

October 11, 2018
Q: 23% of women say THIS about themselves. What is it?
A: They have nothing to wear

October 10, 2018
Q: More than 300 million of these have been sold since being invented. What are they?
A: Slinky’s

October 9, 2018
Q: 3/4 of Americans say this gives them a boost of confidence. What is it?
A: Hearing their favorite song

October 8, 2018
Q: 56% of people feel guilty about THIS. What is it?
A: Taking a day off work and having others cover for you

October 5, 2018
Q: Americans spend 2 billion dollars a year to take care of this problem. What is it?
A: Bad breath

October 4, 2018
Q: On average, about 35% of Americans cannot do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pass a U.S. citizenship test

October 3, 2018
Q: According to a new survey, if you want your party to be successful, you must do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Make sure the party looks good in Instagram photos

October 2, 2018
Q: Women are supposedly better at doing THIS than men, but it’s not true, according to research.
A: Multi-tasking

October 1, 2018
Q: According to a recent survey, a majority of people would never want to vacation here.
A: The moon

September 28, 2018
Q: In a recent survey about what makes us happy .. #1 is fast wi-fi. What is #2 on the list?
A: A good cup of coffee

September 27, 2018
Q: A new study found that women find it more attractive when men do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Talk fast

September 26, 2018
Q: Almost 10% of people surveyed say they don’t like THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pancakes

September 25, 2018
Q: About 27% of people say they’ve quit a job over this. What is this?
A: The commute

September 24, 2018
Q: This is true for a quarter million of Americans. What is it?
A: They are married to their first or second cousins

September 21, 2018
Q: Almost 80% of us say we would not do THIS even if it would help us to live to 100.
A: Go back to school

September 20, 2018
Q: 3 % of people would rather have THIS than a relationship! What is it?
A: Pizza

September 19, 2018
Q: This was originally created to keep kids quiet in church. What is it?
A: Candy canes

September 18, 2018
Q: The average person spends about one hour and 50 minutes every day. What is it?
A: Feeling bored

September 17, 2018
Q: 35% of us say you should never do this in the workplace. What is it?
A: Wear animal prints

September 14, 2018
Q: 15% of men say they would never date a woman who does THIS. What is it?
A: Root for a rival sports team

September 13, 2018
Q: People who do THIS have more friends and more sex. What is it?
A: Make their bed every morning

September 12, 2018
Q: This is most likely to happen at 7:35 pm on any given day. What is it?
A: You’ll see a spider

September 11, 2018
Q: Nearly 70% of people hate it when their relatives do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Look in their fridge

September 10, 2018
Q: There used to be thousands of these in the US. Now there are fewer than 200. What are they?
A: One-hour photo shops

September 7, 2018
Q: Over half of us have spent more than $500 on THIS. What is THIS?
A: Stuff we bought off social media (from an influencer)

September 6, 2018
Q: The majority of Americans do THIS fewer than five times a year. What is it?
A: Read a book

September 5, 2018
Q: Two out of ten young parents have vetoed a baby name because of THIS. What is THIS?
A: The domain name wasn’t available

September 4, 2018
Q: Hey men .. doing THIS will contribute to you having healthier children. What is this?
A: Eating more protein (like a nice BIG cheeseburger)

August 31, 2018
Q: Funerals in Taiwan often include one of these. What is it?
A: Stripper

August 30, 2018
Q: 2% of airline passengers say they’ve had this happen to them on a flight. What is it?
A: They fell in love with a random person they met on the flight

August 29, 2018
Q: It’s not necessarily nice, but 15% of us have done THIS, at least, once. What is it?
A: Stood up a date

August 28, 2018
Q: According to experts, you should be doing this everyday, but you’re not. What is it?
A: Washing your pet’s food and water bowls

August 27, 2018
Q: This is true for every state except Nebraska. What is it?
A: The majority of people like dogs (In Nebraska only 48% of people are dog lovers)

August 24, 2018
Q: In Michigan, it’s technically a felony to do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Seduce and have sex with an unmarried woman

August 23, 2018
Q: Nearly half of all parents think we should have more of THIS. What is THIS?
A: Summer break

August 22, 2018
Q: This is true for most of us who are away on vacation. What is it?
A: We worry about how and what our pets are doing back home.

August 21, 2018
Q: A third of us say THESE are completely unnecessary. What are they?
A: Gender reveal parties

August 20, 2018
Q: The average person spends only 15 seconds doing THIS. What is THIS?
A: Looking at the Mona Lisa when they are the Louvre

August 17, 2018
Q: Out of a thousand people surveyed, only 8 say they don’t like THIS. What is this?
A: French fries

August 16, 2018
Q: To complete this task, it would take you 9 hours a day, every day, for a year. What is the task?
A: Watch everything new that Netflix uploaded last year

August 15, 2018
Q: 87% of people say they would do THIS to a close friend or family member. What is it?
A: Turn them in if they committed a crime (murder specifically)

August 14, 2018
Q: This is true for only two US presidents. What is it?
A: They did not have a pet while in the White House

August 13, 2018
Q: The largest one of these is in Alaska. What is it?
A: American city

August 9, 2018
Q: Almost all people who date online .. do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Try to date someone “more desirable” than themselves

August 8, 2018
Q: Americans are spending more on THIS than ever before. What is THIS?
A: Music

August 7, 2018
Q: According to science, THIS would take about 40 minutes. What is it?
A: If there was a hole going all the way through the Earth and you fell in, it would take nearly 40 minutes for you to get to the other side.

 August 6, 2018
Q: Ten counties on earth have one of these. What is it?
A: Their own version of the TV show “The Office.”

July 27, 2018
Q: You only succeed half the time when doing THIS. What is THIS?
A: You only win an argument with your kids half the time

July 26, 2018
Q: This happens to the average person every 3 minutes. What is it?
A: An app on their phone tracks their location

July 25, 2018
Q: It may be rude but 30% of people admit they still do it. What is it?
A: Cut in line

July 24, 2018
Q: It’s only legal to do THIS in the US between April and August. What is it?
A: Mail a live pheasant through the US mail

July 23, 2018
Q: The average person does this about 84 times a year. What is it?
A: Sees (visits) their parents

July 20, 2018
Q: The time is takes to do THIS is exactly 3 seconds. What is THIS?
A: Properly heat a pop tart in the microwave

July 19, 2018
Q: It’s a little unusual but THIS is against the law in parts of Australia.
A: Owning a rabbit (unless you are a magician)

July 18, 2018
Q: Most people stop doing THIS when they turn 30. What is it?
A: Seeking out NEW music

July 17, 2018
Q: Men did THIS is the 1600’s to show status and power. What is it?
A: Wore high heels

July 16, 2018
Q: In the 1800’s, this activity was exclusively for men. Now it’s coed. What is it?
A: Cheerleading

July 6, 2018
Q: 6% of Americans say they do this every day. What is it?
A: Eat fried chicken

July 5, 2018
Q: One of out ten Canadians do THIS every year. What is it?
A: Visit Florida

July 4, 2018
Q: It takes you longer to do THIS if you use a computer. What is it?
A: Read

July 3, 2018
Q: This has only happened six times in history. What is it?
A: The Washington Generals have beat the Harlem Globetrotters six times .. and lost to them at least 13,000 times.

July 2, 2018
Q: Only three out of 100 people say THIS about their boss. What are they saying?
A: They trust them



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