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Question Impossible Archive

Many of you have asked for past Question Impossible answers, so we will post a few months worth of questions. Enjoy!

November 12, 2018
Q: It’s a little hard to believe, Americans still spend over $20 million a year on THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pay phones

November 8, 2018
Q: Women are turned off by men who have THIS in their home.
A: Disney paraphernalia

November 7, 2018
Q: According to a recent survey, the #1 habit people wish they could break is smoking. #2 is swearing. What is #3 on the list?
A: Picking their nose

November 6, 2018
Q: This piece of Americana is 4 1/2 feet long. What is it?
A: The Statue of Liberty’s nose

November 5, 2018
Q: It’s kind of surprising .. but there are more than 10 of these in the United States. What are they?
A: Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobiles

November 2, 2018
Q: 2% of people say they will NOT do this over the holidays. What is it?
A: Eat turkey

November 1, 2018
Q: The distance of THIS is 132 miles. What is THIS?
A: The minimum distance for a long distance relationship

October 31, 2018
Q: This was originally made from old coats and ping pong balls.
A: Kermit the Frog

October 30, 2018
Q: 80% of us were not allowed to do this while in high school. What is it?
A: Swear in front of our parents

October 29, 2018
Q: Doing THIS can burn 300 calories. What is it?
A: Watching “The Shining”

October 26, 2018
Q: The 1st one of these appeared in Los Angeles in the 1920’s. What is it?
A: Wrigley Field

October 25, 2018
Q: 5% of people aren’t sure if they have any of these. What are they?
A: Life goals

October 24, 2018
Q: The average person does this 150 times a month. What is it?
A: Frowns

October 23, 2018
Q: 1/3 of people under the age of 24 think THIS should be legal. What is it?
A: Polygamy

October 22, 2018
Q: In a survey, 25% of adults say they’ve never done THIS. What is THIS?
A: Visited their neighbor’s house

October 19, 2018
Q: 3% of people say they only eat THIS when they’re drunk. What is THIS?
A: Nachos

October 18, 2018
Q: There is only one of these in the entire United States. What is it?
A: A state with a one-syllable name. (Maine)

October 17, 2018
Q: The largest one of these in the world is in North Korea. What is it?
A: Stadium 

October 16, 2018
Q: 2% of people say they would give up their cell phone if this were to never happen again. What is it?
A: They’d never have a hangover again

October 15, 2018
Q: There are more of these in China than the United States. What are they?
A: KFC restaurants

October 12, 2018
Q: According to a survey, THIS guarantees there won’t be a second date.
A: If you have bad spelling

October 11, 2018
Q: 23% of women say THIS about themselves. What is it?
A: They have nothing to wear

October 10, 2018
Q: More than 300 million of these have been sold since being invented. What are they?
A: Slinky’s

October 9, 2018
Q: 3/4 of Americans say this gives them a boost of confidence. What is it?
A: Hearing their favorite song

October 8, 2018
Q: 56% of people feel guilty about THIS. What is it?
A: Taking a day off work and having others cover for you

October 5, 2018
Q: Americans spend 2 billion dollars a year to take care of this problem. What is it?
A: Bad breath

October 4, 2018
Q: On average, about 35% of Americans cannot do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pass a U.S. citizenship test

October 3, 2018
Q: According to a new survey, if you want your party to be successful, you must do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Make sure the party looks good in Instagram photos

October 2, 2018
Q: Women are supposedly better at doing THIS than men, but it’s not true, according to research.
A: Multi-tasking

October 1, 2018
Q: According to a recent survey, a majority of people would never want to vacation here.
A: The moon

September 28, 2018
Q: In a recent survey about what makes us happy .. #1 is fast wi-fi. What is #2 on the list?
A: A good cup of coffee

September 27, 2018
Q: A new study found that women find it more attractive when men do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Talk fast

September 26, 2018
Q: Almost 10% of people surveyed say they don’t like THIS. What is THIS?
A: Pancakes

September 25, 2018
Q: About 27% of people say they’ve quit a job over this. What is this?
A: The commute

September 24, 2018
Q: This is true for a quarter million of Americans. What is it?
A: They are married to their first or second cousins

September 21, 2018
Q: Almost 80% of us say we would not do THIS even if it would help us to live to 100.
A: Go back to school

September 20, 2018
Q: 3 % of people would rather have THIS than a relationship! What is it?
A: Pizza

September 19, 2018
Q: This was originally created to keep kids quiet in church. What is it?
A: Candy canes

September 18, 2018
Q: The average person spends about one hour and 50 minutes every day. What is it?
A: Feeling bored

September 17, 2018
Q: 35% of us say you should never do this in the workplace. What is it?
A: Wear animal prints

September 14, 2018
Q: 15% of men say they would never date a woman who does THIS. What is it?
A: Root for a rival sports team

September 13, 2018
Q: People who do THIS have more friends and more sex. What is it?
A: Make their bed every morning

September 12, 2018
Q: This is most likely to happen at 7:35 pm on any given day. What is it?
A: You’ll see a spider

September 11, 2018
Q: Nearly 70% of people hate it when their relatives do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Look in their fridge

September 10, 2018
Q: There used to be thousands of these in the US. Now there are fewer than 200. What are they?
A: One-hour photo shops

September 7, 2018
Q: Over half of us have spent more than $500 on THIS. What is THIS?
A: Stuff we bought off social media (from an influencer)

September 6, 2018
Q: The majority of Americans do THIS fewer than five times a year. What is it?
A: Read a book

September 5, 2018
Q: Two out of ten young parents have vetoed a baby name because of THIS. What is THIS?
A: The domain name wasn’t available

September 4, 2018
Q: Hey men .. doing THIS will contribute to you having healthier children. What is this?
A: Eating more protein (like a nice BIG cheeseburger)

August 31, 2018
Q: Funerals in Taiwan often include one of these. What is it?
A: Stripper

August 30, 2018
Q: 2% of airline passengers say they’ve had this happen to them on a flight. What is it?
A: They fell in love with a random person they met on the flight

August 29, 2018
Q: It’s not necessarily nice, but 15% of us have done THIS, at least, once. What is it?
A: Stood up a date

August 28, 2018
Q: According to experts, you should be doing this everyday, but you’re not. What is it?
A: Washing your pet’s food and water bowls

August 27, 2018
Q: This is true for every state except Nebraska. What is it?
A: The majority of people like dogs (In Nebraska only 48% of people are dog lovers)

August 24, 2018
Q: In Michigan, it’s technically a felony to do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Seduce and have sex with an unmarried woman

August 23, 2018
Q: Nearly half of all parents think we should have more of THIS. What is THIS?
A: Summer break

August 22, 2018
Q: This is true for most of us who are away on vacation. What is it?
A: We worry about how and what our pets are doing back home.

August 21, 2018
Q: A third of us say THESE are completely unnecessary. What are they?
A: Gender reveal parties

August 20, 2018
Q: The average person spends only 15 seconds doing THIS. What is THIS?
A: Looking at the Mona Lisa when they are the Louvre

August 17, 2018
Q: Out of a thousand people surveyed, only 8 say they don’t like THIS. What is this?
A: French fries

August 16, 2018
Q: To complete this task, it would take you 9 hours a day, every day, for a year. What is the task?
A: Watch everything new that Netflix uploaded last year

August 15, 2018
Q: 87% of people say they would do THIS to a close friend or family member. What is it?
A: Turn them in if they committed a crime (murder specifically)

August 14, 2018
Q: This is true for only two US presidents. What is it?
A: They did not have a pet while in the White House

August 13, 2018
Q: The largest one of these is in Alaska. What is it?
A: American city

August 9, 2018
Q: Almost all people who date online .. do THIS. What is THIS?
A: Try to date someone “more desirable” than themselves

August 8, 2018
Q: Americans are spending more on THIS than ever before. What is THIS?
A: Music

August 7, 2018
Q: According to science, THIS would take about 40 minutes. What is it?
A: If there was a hole going all the way through the Earth and you fell in, it would take nearly 40 minutes for you to get to the other side.

 August 6, 2018
Q: Ten counties on earth have one of these. What is it?
A: Their own version of the TV show “The Office.”

July 27, 2018
Q: You only succeed half the time when doing THIS. What is THIS?
A: You only win an argument with your kids half the time

July 26, 2018
Q: This happens to the average person every 3 minutes. What is it?
A: An app on their phone tracks their location

July 25, 2018
Q: It may be rude but 30% of people admit they still do it. What is it?
A: Cut in line

July 24, 2018
Q: It’s only legal to do THIS in the US between April and August. What is it?
A: Mail a live pheasant through the US mail

July 23, 2018
Q: The average person does this about 84 times a year. What is it?
A: Sees (visits) their parents

July 20, 2018
Q: The time is takes to do THIS is exactly 3 seconds. What is THIS?
A: Properly heat a pop tart in the microwave

July 19, 2018
Q: It’s a little unusual but THIS is against the law in parts of Australia.
A: Owning a rabbit (unless you are a magician)

July 18, 2018
Q: Most people stop doing THIS when they turn 30. What is it?
A: Seeking out NEW music

July 17, 2018
Q: Men did THIS is the 1600’s to show status and power. What is it?
A: Wore high heels

July 16, 2018
Q: In the 1800’s, this activity was exclusively for men. Now it’s coed. What is it?
A: Cheerleading

July 6, 2018
Q: 6% of Americans say they do this every day. What is it?
A: Eat fried chicken

July 5, 2018
Q: One of out ten Canadians do THIS every year. What is it?
A: Visit Florida

July 4, 2018
Q: It takes you longer to do THIS if you use a computer. What is it?
A: Read

July 3, 2018
Q: This has only happened six times in history. What is it?
A: The Washington Generals have beat the Harlem Globetrotters six times .. and lost to them at least 13,000 times.

July 2, 2018
Q: Only three out of 100 people say THIS about their boss. What are they saying?
A: They trust them



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