“Pucker Up!”

Well we had  National Kissing Day on June 19th and now today we have International Kissing Day July 6th. Ahhh, it’s Kissing Day. The objective of this very special day, is to appreciate  and enjoy a kiss. So, go ahead and swap some spit today! Pucker up and give out a big, juicy kiss to anyone and everyoneKissing originated thousands, and perhaps millions of years ago. It is believed to have originated from mouth to mouth feeding of parents to a child. My, it certainly has evolved over the centuries. But, why is that? The answer is simply because it makes us feel good. There’s all sorts of kisses, for all sorts of reasons. There’s the peck on the cheek, the full on the mouth kiss, and the French Kiss, the favorite among lovers. People are not the only creatures to kiss. Apes, cats, dogs, and dolphins, are among the animals that share a kiss or two. This Kiss! This Kiss! Enjoy the weekend my friends.



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