Nancy: Would you like to meet a mate? Try THIS! Or not!

Couple Enjoying Meal In Outdoor Restaurant

Forget the dating apps .. try a “pheromone party.”


Yep, apparently this is a thing.

You’ve probably heard of pheromones, right? They ‘re the chemicals we sweat out, and they’re a big part of what makes different people attracted to us. So people thought these “pheromone parties” might be a way to meet that perfect mate. Before you go to one, you’re supposed to wear a shirt for a few days. Then you put it in a bag and take it to the party.

People take turns smelling everyone’s sweaty shirts . . . and then they mark down who they’re attracted to.  After everyone’s done smelling, you get to see whose shirt is whose, and then you can talk to the people whose scents got you going.

A woman who recently hosted a pheromone party in San Francisco says it’s a, quote, “different take on mating . . . so visceral and subconscious.”  And sweaty.

It’s certainly a different and interesting and smelly way to meet a mate. As the saying goes .. don’t know it til you try it.




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