Nancy: What’s your favorite holiday drink?

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I’m hosting a holiday party in a couple of weeks and I’m looking for a fun, special drink to serve up to my guests. I initially got excited about this recipe for Santa Clausmopolitans but I just got new carpet and there’s cranberry juice in this drink, so .. um .. NO.

I just came across a new survey that says the average American drinks TWICE as much during the holidays than any other time of year.  Makes sense, right? We’re attending more parties and holiday gatherings than we usually do. And we’re stressed. 🙂

According to this survey, our favorite holiday drinks are :

1.  Eggnog.  Hmmm .. I don’t really like eggnog. Maybe I’ll try it with rum as John suggested.  

2.  Coffee with Baileys Irish Cream. Yes, please.

3.  Holiday beers. Like a winter lager, or a gingerbread stout. Meh. My husband might like these, though. 

4.  Cider. I’d love some, thanks. 

5.  Hot buttered rum. That’s rum mixed with butter, hot water or cider, and spices. I’ve never had it but would love to try it. 

Which one of these is your favorite holiday drink? Or do you have another one?



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