Nancy: What’s your favorite appetizer?

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So, I’m gearing up for another weekend of football at my house. I love to host, invite my friends over to watch the Chicago Bears and serve up a bunch of yummy food! But I need some new ideas. Two weeks ago, I made a big pot of chili, served veggies and dip, a bean, cheese, jalapeno dip, and chips and hummus. The next week, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce and my hubby made delicious meatballs for pasta. Plus, I made a pepper/bean dip that is always delicious. But here I am getting ready for Sunday, and I would like some new recipes. Can you please share some with me?

What are your favorites? If you can link to a recipe or include the written recipe, that would be great! Thanks!



This has only happened 4 times in the history of the U.S. What is it? The most expensive one of these in the country is in New York City. What is it? 1% of people do THIS during the holidays. What is it? Welcome To December 2018′ On average, THIS is going to happen to you six times over the next 3 months. Nancy: What’s your favorite holiday drink?