Nancy: What “old” show would you like to see “NEW’ again?

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I love the reboot of Will & Grace!

It’s just as funny as the original and I can’t wait until the new fall season. This season .. there seems to be a ton of other reboots: Magnum, P.I., Murphy Brown, and Charmed. And now, a new Designing Women may be in the works. I’ll check out all of them. Why not?

If you could pick any show to be rebooted .. what would it be? I would vote for “Three’s Company” and “The Love Boat.”




What do oysters, almonds and kiwi have in common? John: Yay Illinois…!! It’s a little surprising but a new survey finds that 38% of people do THIS on a regular basis. What is THIS? John: Too Rich For My Blood… In the history of the world, there have only been 15 of these. What are they? QI: This is true for nearly 80% of football fans. What is it?