Nancy: It’s time for Christmas music .. or is it?

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It’s early November but you’re probably already heard Christmas music. A new study looked into when stores start playing the holiday tunes and it found that Best Buy was first. They started almost three weeks ago.  Walmart will start on Monday . . . and stores like Target and Home Depot will wait until Black Friday. But hold on. A clinical psychologist in England says you might want to hold off on  listening to Christmas music too early in the season because it’s bad for your mental health. Why? It’s a reminder of all of the STRESSFUL stuff you have to do to get ready for the holidays. She also says it’s REALLY bad for people who work at stores where they play Christmas music all day for two straight months, because the catchy melodies make it hard for them to focus on anything else.

I did just hear holiday music this week and it made me feel happy but I’ll probably start listening on a regular basis just after Thanksgiving … And you?



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