Nancy: Inquiring Minds Want to Know ..

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I cannot tell you how many times I Google something during the course of the day because I do it so often. I don’t think that’s all that amazing because I think most of us Google, Google. Google. What I do find interesting is what we’re all collectively Googling. Mental Floss just released The Most Googled “Why-Do” Questions and broke it down by states. Here are a few of my favorites:

Minnesota: “Why do apples floats?” Why do you really need to know ? Jeez. 

Washington D.C. : “Why do I sweat so much?” Hmm .. politicians .. I think we know why you’re sweating so much.

New York: “Why do feet smell?” Hmmm .. sounds like a personal problem 

Florida: “Why do I feel so alone?” That’s the saddest one, for sure. 

Hawaii: Why do roosters crow? Because they can.

Illinois: Why do dogs have tails? For balance 

Iowa: Why do cats knead? To show they are content

What was the last strange question you Googled?



3% of people say they only eat THIS when they’re drunk. What is THIS? John: We’re All The Same… There is only one of these in the entire United States. What is it? John: Big Money, For Now… Nancy: Life gets better as you get older John: Happy New Year…