Nancy: How sincere are YOU? Show us!

John says I am sincere. Usually I’d take that as a compliment, but not today. What he’s really saying is that I look old with lots of wrinkles around my eyes.

A new study at the University of Miami found that having wrinkles around your eyes makes you seem more sincere and genuine. Researchers had people look at photos of different expressions. Some of the people in the photos had wrinkles around their eyes, and some didn’t. And the ones with wrinkles were consistently rated as more sincere. It happened with happy expressions like big smiles, and sad expressions too.  The explanation they came up with is pretty simple: Our brains are just pre-wired to view people as more sincere if they have wrinkles around their eyes.

BONUS: Being seen as more sincere is a good thing because when people feel like they know what you’re thinking and feeling, it makes you more trustworthy.

How sincere are you? Please don’t let me be the only one to post this weird picture of my eyes. Post a picture of your own and show us?

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