Nancy: Hot Dogs and … Peanut Butter?

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When I eat a hot dog, it’s usually Chicago-style, “through-the-garden.” At the very least, I put mustard and onions on it. No way am I interested in trying the new trending hot dog topping .. PEANUT BUTTER!!! Apparently, “it’s a thing.” It sounds like the idea came from a rep from Oscar Mayer. I guess that doesn’t surprise me. But the people at “Food & Wine” magazine? They tried it, too and it turns out many of them liked it. They said it was surprisingly good. Do you think you’d like it?



87% of people say they would do THIS to a close friend or family member. John: Turn It Up…! Nancy: A New Job for Me! This is true for only 2 US presidents. What is it? John: Get To Work… The largest one of these is in Alaska. What is it?