Nancy: Have you been “phubbed?”

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I’m sorry to tell you this, but chances are you’ve been “phubbed.”

All three of my husbands “phubb” me every day, several times a day. (The three husbands reference is a whole other story)

First of all, it’s one of those words that sounds dirty, but isn’t.

Phubbed” is when a person you’re with ignores you or doesn’t hear you because they’re so focused on their phone.

Um .. yeah. I’m thinking we’ve all been “phubbed.”

And it’s annoying. So let’s try NOT to “phubb” each other.

We good with that?

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QI: The answer is 54. What is the question? (We’re playing the Jeopardy version of QI) John: “You Don’t Say…” A third of us do THIS at work every day. What is it? According to a study, the amount of people doing THIS is down 20% from last year. What is it? QI: The average lifespan of THIS is 18 months. What is THIS? Nancy: In an office lottery pool? You might want to get that in writing!