Nancy: Finished My First Half Marathon

If you had asked me four months ago when I was going to run my first half marathon, I would have told you NEVER. It just wasn’t something I ever wanted to do. Yet, here I am. I finished the Whiskeydadddle half marathon in Peoria over the weekend. It was a last minute decision and I ended up signing up days before the event. I have been running all summer but the longest I’d ever run was 8 miles. The half is 13.1 miles. YIKES!

So, why did I do it? Well, you may have heard me talk about this year being “The Year of the Yes.” While on vacation this summer, I saw the movie, “Yes Man,” with Jim Carrey. His character is kind of stuck in a rut. Then he goes to a self-help seminar and is challenged to say YES more. Once he does, he meets new people and encounters amazing experiences that change his life.  I wanted that, so I declared it, “The Year of the Yes.”

Wanna join me? We still have plenty of time. I am officially challenging you all to take more chances and say YES to more experiences. It can be something as simple as saying yes to going out with new friends. Or it can be something more daunting, like saying yes to running a half-marathon.

Let’s do THIS!!






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