Nancy: Are You Hardcore?

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There are sports fans. And then there are HARDCORE sports fans. You know the kind. They wear all the gear. Some paint their faces or create chants to support their teams while attending a LIVE game. Many are even superstitious and believe certain rituals on game day actually effect the outcome of the game. This is especially timely because the NFL playoffs are underway and hardcore fans are all in, hoping their favored team will win and make it to the BIG game on February 4th. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats from a recent survey:

  • 40% of NFL fans say “cheers, face paint, costumes, and dancing” are “most likely to influence the outcome of the game.” Most are men.
  • More than 90% of NFL fans say the crowd in the stadium can “sometimes or always influence the outcome of the game.”  Okay. I get that one. There is something to be said about home field advantage.
  • 40% of NFL fans say they are superstitious , and 30% believe their specific game day rituals and superstitions can influence the outcome. People. Seriously?!?

What kind of rituals? The most popular, according to this survey was wearing a piece of clothing and tailgating.

I do love to watch football but I, personally, don’t consider myself hardcore. After all, my team is the Chicago Bears and, well, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. 🙂

Are you? And, if so, what’s your game day ritual or superstition?



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