Morning Drive with John & Nancy: 3 Things You Learned Today

Did you learn anything from today’s show? We hope so! If not, here’s a recap of 3 Things We All Learned!

  • Daylight Saving Time starts on Monday so we push the clocks forward AND lose an hour of sleep!
  • The reboot of “American Idol” premieres Sunday on ABC. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are judges and the show is similar to the old Idol. The biggest change .. it’s less snarky.
  • The Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter in Galesburg has started giving its dogs their own armchairs to sleep in. A video posted to Facebook on Monday went viral and now people are donating their old chairs. Now the idea is spreading, and a shelter in Idaho is doing it too.


About 27% of people say they’ve quit a job over this. What is this? John: How’s Your Life…? Nancy: What TV show are you looking forward to watching? This is true for a quarter million of Americans. What is it? Nancy: Never Miss Your Flight Again 3 % of people would rather have THIS than a relationship! What is it?