John: Yay Illinois…!!

A new national state survey is out this morning and for once Illinois is not getting bashed!!  We came in #2 behind Oregon for the best state to drive in.   Wallet Hub puts out a list each year on the best and worst states to drive in.  They look at 30 different factors that affect how nice or miserable your drive is . . . things like road conditions, gas prices, and traffic.

Texas dropped from first to fifth . . . Illinois jumped from tenth up into second place . . . and Oregon took the TOP spot, even though it was sixth last year.

The Top 10 states for driving in 2019 are Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Ohio.

The ten WORST are:  Hawaii ranked last again, followed by Alaska, Washington, California, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Mississippi has the best traffic . . . Missouri has the cheapest gas . . . and you have the lowest chance of having your car stolen if you live in Vermont.

Enjoy being number 2 while it lasts…

Yesterday Hirschmann hit a pothole and got a flat tire.

Today Nancy couldn’t get out of her driveway and all the area schools are closed due to icy roads.

I hope this doesn’t screw up our ranking next year…




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