John: What A Wonderful World…

The late great comedian Bill Hicks used to do a bit where he would say the news is always spouting “Murder! Death! War! Catastrophe!” but out on his back deck the birds were calmly chirping.  “Where is all this (stuff) happening…? he would question.  As an eternal optimist I always see the glass as half full.  On any given day there is waaaaaaay more good news than bad, it’s just the bad news is sexier, so it grabs our attention. In other words…it SELLS.   A new report says statistically it’s actually a great time to be alive.  (Read the good news here)

1.  Life expectancy continues to rise.

2.  Even though we’re living longer, the world population is starting to level off.

3.  Democracy is spreading.

4.  Global income inequality is way down.

5. A higher percentage of the world is literate.

Cool.  Good news lowers stress and makes us happier. We all need to spend more time with it. I think I’ll take Bill’s advice and go sit out on the deck for awhile.



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