John: Tradition…?

When the kids were little one of our family traditions was going out in early December to cut down the family Christmas tree.  The kids loved it, we loved it, heck the dog even had a great time.  Snowball fights, choosing the perfect tree, hot chocolate and cider.


Now that the little ones are all grown up,  we go out for a nice brunch and then stop and select a nice pre-cut tree together.

Different, but still tradition.

This year Amazon will start shipping 7-foot Christmas trees right to your door.  (Here Are The Details)

I’m not sure if clicking an app together is a tradition I can embrace, but I’m sure the kids would be cool with it as long as they still get brunch…




It’s a little hard to believe, Americans still spend over $20 million a year on THIS. What is THIS? John: Weird Work If You Can Get It… Women are turned off by men who have THIS in their home. John: You Want One…? John & Nancy: What’s the bad habit YOU want to break? This piece of Americana is 4 1/2 feet long. What is it?