John: One Less Thing To Worry About…

My kids always tell me not to worry about them.  Off at college, going to concerts, sports, parties…  “Don’t worry Dad, I’ll be fine”, they say.  I try not worry.  I want my children to go out into the world and be fearless, but I know things happen.  As we get ready for the Drive for Miracles Radiothon this week, I ask you to think about that for the sake of your own kids and grandkids.   “Things happen…”   When they do, The Chidren’s Hospital of Illinois is there with world class medical care.  Let’s make sure they want for nothing when it comes to saving the lives of our kids. Your donation means we can all worry a little less. The other day I overheard my 82 year old mother-in-law telling my 50 something wife that she still worries about her.  Pretty cool… I hope we can all worry about our kids that long…

Please listen Thursday and Friday and donate here



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