John & Nancy: What’s the bad habit YOU want to break?

I recently came across this meme and it left me chuckling.

Haha! We’ve all got bad habits. The question is .. how motivated are we to break them?

John and I were talking about the topic this morning during our Question Impossible segment. I asked him what bad habit he’d want to break. His first response was .. “I’m pretty comfortable with my bad habits.”

Then, after a thought, he said “I need to stop interrupting people. Hallelujah!! Yes, I will second that. 🙂 For the record, he also said he’d like to stop snoring but I don’t know that he can help that. Apparently, it would make his wife happy.

As for myself, I could probably dial back the cursing. Hmmm .. I would also like to stop carrying around so many bags and so much stuff. (John would be happy to hear that). Seriously, it bugs me that I carry around all this crap but I can’t seem to stop. I think I’ll need it all when I’m out (usually I don’t.)

What bad habit would you like to break?



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