John: It’s All A Lie…!!

So this is fun.  I remember my mom telling me that eating bread crusts would make my hair curly.  Not sure why that was such a benefit, but I ate them regardless.   Someone online asked people to name the most ridiculous LIES their parents used to make them behave.  How about these whoppers…

A woman wouldn’t eat beef when she was a kid, but loved chicken.  So when her mom made beef, she claimed it was just “brown chicken.”

A woman’s mom told her that if the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant they were OUT of ice cream.

Someone’s mom told them that if they fell asleep with headphones on, their ears would explode.

Someone’s mom claimed it was illegal to go see the same movie twice.

A dad convinced his kids that the button in their car that turned the hazard lights on was actually an “eject” button.

These parents sometimes had to stretch the truth to get the job done I guess.  My folks were no different.

I never got that curly hair…



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