John: Hey Spud, Let’s Party…!

So where are you going on vacation this year?  How about Idaho!!? The Idaho Potato Commission has a giant, fake potato they haul around the country to do promotions kind of like the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.  They recently replaced it . . . so a woman took the original and made it into a hotel.  It’s one big room, with a bathroom next door in a grain silo.   It’s 25 miles outside Boise, and you can rent it starting next month on Airbnb.

Talk about super-sizing your fries…



Nancy: Freebies for National Teacher’s Day John: Stop Thief…!! John: People Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend… Why is Nancy over-scheduling herself like a crazy lady? John: Hangin’ With My Peeps… Nancy: Bet you didn’t know THIS.