John: Do You Over-Decorate…?

Some people go all out on their Christmas decorations.  (Check them out here)  Sometimes it gets you into trouble.   A family in Texas set up their Christmas decorations to look like the scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” . . . with a dummy of Clark Griswold hanging from the gutter.  Well . . . someone saw it a few days ago, thought it was a real person, and called 911.  Another guy is presently being fined $3000 a day for the extra police and traffic control his display is causing.


I think I’ll just stick to decorating myself with the tacky Christmas sweater…




Nancy: What’s your favorite holiday drink? John: It’s That Time Of Year… John: Winter Love… Nancy: Loneliest Day of the Year :( John: Bonus…! John: Godspeed…