John: 23 Skidoo…

My grandparents probably thought it was strange when my parents said things like, “Fuddy Duddy”, “I’m cookin’ with gas” or “slide me some lettuce”.  I know I often confused my folks too.  My kids need to decode half the stuff they say so I can stay in the conversation.  Nothing new.  Each generations’ slang takes some deciphering.  According to an article in Oprah’s magazine (read it here) here’s what your kids are going to be saying in 2019…

1.  “Tea.”  Either spelled T-E-A, or just the letter T.  It means “gossip.”  So if you “spill tea” about someone, you’re talking behind their back.

2.  “Beat.”  It can be a verb or an adjective, and it’s about applying make-up.  You might hear someone say, “I’ve gotta beat my face, because I’ve got a date tonight.”

3.  “Snatched.”  It means you look good.  So if you “beat your face” and you show up to an event looking fabulous, you’re “snatched.”

4.  “Basic.”  That one’s been around a while, so you’ve probably heard it.  Basically, anything mainstream is basic.  Pumpkin spice lattes, a tattoo of a Chinese character, and having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory could all be described as “basic.”

5.  “G.O.A.T.”  It’s an acronym that stands for “greatest of all time.”  So if one of your younger co-workers says, “you’re the goat,” they’re giving you a compliment.

I’ve often told my teenagers they “live like goats”.  Guess I’ll have to find some new slang for that…




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