John: Let’s Celebrate…!

Today is 3/14 National Pi Day.  Like the mathematical constant, 3.14, which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  As far as Nancy and I are concerned though, math is hard, and food is easy. So we’re celebrating National PIE day around here.

My mom made a Dutch Apple that was incredible!  I am also a sucker for blueberry.  I’ll even crave the occasional pudding pie as well.  Chocolate, banana, key lime and coconut cream are among my favorites.

Nancy is all about raspberry and strawberry rhubarb.

So from us to you, Happy Pie Day.

It’s been said that “Pie makes everyone happy”.

That has never been said about math…



John: “You Don’t Say…” Nancy: In an office lottery pool? You might want to get that in writing! John: What’s That Smell…? John: Oh Yeah! Who’s Bad…?!! Nancy: Apparently, Alexa is the winner! At least, this time. John: Dumbing Down…