It’s A “Pringles” Thanksgiving!

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I’m not sure how good your memory is for the ups and downs of the potato chip industry, but mine is weirdly good. So I remember last year, Pringles made chips with different Thanksgiving dinner flavors . . . but just as a test. They weren’t for sale.
So I’m happy to say the test must’ve gone well . . . because this year, they’re actually selling them.
You can get a pack of three flavors . . . turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie . . . for $15 at They go on sale at 11:59 P.M. Eastern tonight. As far as we know, they won’t be in stores, so that’s how you’ll have to get ’em.
They sent out a Tweet saying:
“We packed everything you love about Thanksgiving into our limited-edition Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner, and removed everything you don’t — like your 27th year at the kids’ table.”



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