If you’re an SNL Fan, Definitely Do This

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

One of the most indelible memories of my childhood was the first time I saw SNL. My parents were out for the night and my brother and I had a babysitter…and she let us watch Saturday Night Live – which is something my parents would never let us do at the ages of 7 and 5.  I’ve been a fan since.

Last week I went up to Chicago and had a chance to check out SNL: The Experience at the Museum of Broadcast Communications.  It really is an experience!  It follows the week leading up to the show on Saturday night and you not only learn how crazy it is that they can put it all together so quickly, but some really fascinating history, too.  And there’s some incredible memorabilia that’s amazing that it all still exists.  If you’re an SNL fan definitely check it out when you’re in Chicago.  It’s at the Museum through the end of the year.




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