I Wouldn’t Do This To A Dog

Everyone had their issues with the snow this past weekend.  Shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling was high on the list.

For some pets, the issue was the deep snow…and if your dog was, say, smaller than a retriever or Great Dane, they have have had an issue doing what needed to be done outside.

A few months ago, we adopted Louie.

Louie is large in personality, if not in stature.  He’s no teacup kinda dog mind you, but still smaller than the dogs I’m used to having.

After some prompting, he waded thru the drifts and handled…things.

Then came time for a walk.

Can I put it out there that I’m not a put-a-sweater-on-the-dog kind of guy.  I prefer they just “tough it out”.

My wife, on the other hand, sees things differently…as you can see.  I mean look at him.

Total humiliation.

I bet he feels exactly like Ralphie from A Christmas Story did, coming down the stairs in the pink Easter Bunny outfit.

Oh…and Louie made it about half a block before he said “screw this” and demanded to come back home.



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