Fun Fact Friday

I come across a lot of useful information every week and then there’s this stuff. 🙂

Some of it is interesting. Some of it is disturbing. Enjoy!

George Lucas originally wanted Tom Selleck to play Indiana Jones  but Selleck was already committed to “Magnum, P.I.” Hmmm .. I’m good with either one. Both are easy on the eyes. 🙂 

What’s riskier: Double dipping . . . or the five-second rule?  According to a new study by a food scientist, a bowl of dip where someone’s double dipped is filled with MORE bacteria than the average floor.

The Mall of America in Minnesota doesn’t have a central heating system.  A combination of skylights, all the regular lights, and people’s body heat keep it so warm they even have to run the air conditioner in the winter.

“I Love Lucy” was originally sponsored by Philip Morris, so the opening credits for the first season featured cartoon versions of Lucy and Ricky climbing on a giant pack of cigarettes.

You’ve heard of flu season . . . but did you know there’s a gonorrhea season?  It’s May through July.

A new study found men ARE more sensitive when it comes to PAIN than women. Ladies .. don’t we know it. 🙂 




What do oysters, almonds and kiwi have in common? John: Yay Illinois…!! It’s a little surprising but a new survey finds that 38% of people do THIS on a regular basis. What is THIS? John: Too Rich For My Blood… In the history of the world, there have only been 15 of these. What are they? QI: This is true for nearly 80% of football fans. What is it?