“So how early is too early for Christmas?”

Well last night, I stopped into your local Dollar General to grab some things for at home that I needed such as milk, cheese, ice cream etc. and low and behold I came upon an aisle with nothing but Christmas Stuff!
Now, I love Christmas and Holly my girlfriend is a BIG Christmas fan, huge you might even say, but having a Christmas aisle already in the stores before Halloween and Thanksgiving is just to much in my humble opinion. It’s sad that everything has to become commercialized to make a buck or push the product out there first. Just shook my head and moved on. Then when I get home from the store I see a commercial pop up on TV advertizing a resturaunts “Holiday Pancakes” with the Nut Cracker theme playing in the background. I don’t get it! All of the sudden it became the Christmas Season.

So I’m curious, what is the right time to advertise the Holidays when we haven’t gone through the first two yet?

Oh and by the way, there are 10 more Wednesdays left after today til Christmas. Just say’in 🙂



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