A Perfect Movie For The New Year!

Now On Netflix, “The Bill Murray Stories”. A co-worker of mine suggested it and so I took his advice and watched it the other night. Being a fan anyway I was excited to check it out. End result? . . . . I loved it! For years now, Bill Murray sightings have been the stuff of legend. The time he crashed a bachelor party to offer some advice on love. The time he hopped behind the bar at an Austin, Texas to sling some cocktails. The time he showed up at a London house party…and did all of their dishes. What he does during these un-announced real-life cameos has earned him nothing short of godlike admiration from people around the world: “He simply blends in”. If you have Netflix and have some time over the weekend check out this flick. It’s a new cool way to look at the personality of the great Bill Murray. Hey ya never know . . . he may just pop in on you when you least expect it.



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