“That Time Of The Year”

Yep our yearly trip to the Vet for Belle and Buddy this past Saturday. Vaccination time! Funny how they sense things when driving down the road and they know where they are going. Belle is 4 years now and she does really good. Now my Buddy is 2 years old and not quit there yet but improving. Doesn’t care for the Vet. Was not a cheap day but we are legal once again with NEW tags 🙂 Blood work, Shots, Tick and Flea medicine. All I can say is thank God I brought the ol’ credit card. WOW!!!! Got treats and went home. Just a friendly reminder about our yearly vaccinations. Ticks and fleas I was told are suppose to be worse this year so please on the look out for them on your pets. Have a great summer my friends.



“It’s Your Weekend Dad” “Pesky Weeds” “Root Beer!” “Best Friend” “Yep My Four Eyes!” Gobble Gobble Ya’ll!