Stech: “Yesterday Was What?”

Yep they made a day for me and my other “ginger” friends 🙂 Yesterday was National Love Your Red Hair Day, celebrated annually on November 5th. This is a day to celebrate the beauty of those gorgeous red locks. I was born a redhead and join my ginger peeps out there to celebrate.

Many redheads have felt like outcasts for having red hair. Sometimes even being made fun of. I remember being called “carrot top” as a kid in Grade School and I hated it but learned to love what God gave me. It’s a day for us redheads to feel confident about ourselves, look amazing and rock the beauty of being a Red Head. Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle.

Each year on November 5th, redheads can celebrate their locks to the fullest. So remember this day my redheaded friends and let the locks flow.


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