Stech: “A Salute To The Scouts!”

Yes sir it’s “National Boy Scouts Day”. Since 1910, boys/young men across America have been doing good deeds, learning survival skills and developing moral foundations through the Boy Scouts of America.  February 8th annually recognizes National Boys Scouts Day.

On a foggy day in London an American newspaperman, William Dickson Boyce, became lost when a Boy Scout came to his assistance. With the boy’s guidance, Boyce arrived at his destination. When Boyce offered payment for the assistance, the Boy Scout refused explaining it was a good deed.

I myself grew up being a Cub Scout and into a Boy Scout. I’ve learned many things because of the Boy Scouts to become a man in this world. I’m grateful that I had this growing up in my life. It’s a great thing for a boy. So today we salute you.



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