Stech: “On the Bucket List”

With me being in the radio business people tend to ask alot, “Stech I bet you go to alot of concerts when they come to town”. Truth be told, NO I don’t. When I started out in this business I was in Country radio and it took me to some shows here and there but I could probably count on one hand how many shows I’ve been to. As I get older tho and bands start to hang it up there are some shows I would love to see before that happens. One of my bucket list bands is Fleetwood Mac. Been a fan for a long time from early Fleetwood Mac to now. Word has it that the “Ol’ Mac” will be on tour for 2018′ for one last go around. Well now I’m on a mission! Time goes by so fast my friends so I guess I need to catch up on some shows so this is one 🙂 Check out our concert page here and keep it classic.




It’s the Weekend! Get The Funk Out Thursday! Hey It’s National Hot Dog Day! Sporting The Ink! “Yikes It’s The 13th Again!” “Have A Delicious Day!”