“Root Beer!”

Well my friends I’m a sucker for Root Beer! LOVE IT!!! We live not to far from the NEW Lou’s Drive In, in East Peoria and I get a text from my girls asking if I would stop and grab a gallon of Root Beer from Lou’s and of course I couldn’t turn that down. So I grab a gallon and get home and throw it in the fridge. I get distracted and had to run to do something and when I return went to grab an ice cold glass of root beer I find not even a half jug left! Sure did go down good with a “Taco Monday” we had last night tho 🙂 Thinking 2 gallons next time and hide one in my man cave fridge LOL



“It’s Your Weekend Dad” “Pesky Weeds” “That Time Of The Year” “Best Friend” “Yep My Four Eyes!” Gobble Gobble Ya’ll!