Rick: I’m Watching Hulu & Netflix Tonight

Photo: Sylvain Gaboury-PR Photos

Death is inevitable of course, and as our childhood icons age, we lose more of them more often. Or so it seems.

I remember when movie stars and music icons of my parents era would pass away, and they would usually react in shock and sadness. Death is always sad, but I had little or no emotional investment in those entertainers, so it had little effect on me.

We all know 2016 absolutely sucked as far as losing icons, young and old…and now 2017 rears it’s ugly head, taking Mary Tyler Moore, someone I had watched on tv since the round black and white tube.

Thankfully those shows, as music does, live on through syndication and streaming services.  You can find Laura Petry on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” on both Hulu and Netflix, while Rhoda, Ted, Lou, Murray, Phyllis and Mary live on Hulu.

“Ohh Roooob!”


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