Rick: House Hunters Is In Peoria…But Can I Watch?

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House Hunters is a very popular show on HGTV that follows a couple as they search for their new dream home.  Tonight at 9, the episode features a couple moving back to the Peoria area and I want to watch.

The problem is, I don’t have HGTV on my cable package.

In order to watch, I have to call my mom in North Carolina.  She’s not going to give me a play by play of the episode, but I need her login information to her satellite subscription so I can watch on my phone.  I feel weird about it, but that’s what it’s there for isn’t it?  After all, all my kids know our Netflix login and use that all the time.

I’m not much for watching TV on my phone, but to see Peoria in the national spotlight?  I’ll give it a go.


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